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May 14, 2014

There is a problem.

White people are becoming more cognitive of cultural displacement. That awareness is untenable to those who wish our demise. In an effort to derail a collective White reaction, cultural Marxism is applying the isochronal and seemingly fail-proof race-card strategy.

Now that white people are no longer using the N word, time has come to address their anxiety over losing their culture.

That seems to be the thesis of an article published by The Atlantic: Whites who are quietly distressed over the displacement of Western culture are as racist as those who vociferously express racial hatred.

In short, the strategy is to make White people feel guilty about feeling anxious.

The article points to social-desirability bias "that remains active in the measurement of white anxieties about the changing racial composition of the country."

Translation: The minds of Whites concerned over the displacement of Western culture will now be embedded with guilt and remorse for daring to entertain such thoughts as cultural self-preservation.

The strategy of imposing feelings of guilt on white people is, in fact, a component of cultural Marxism that seeks to demonize the bourgeois. 

Ironically, the dispossession of Western culture is anti-White racism. And there are none awash with feelings of guilt.

The fact that Whites are concerned over the loss of their culture is not racism. It is reality. The concern is healthy -- not racist -- and should be encouraged.

Those who would dispossess us are quite content to convince us that our concerns are silly mental disorders akin to phobia.

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