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May 13, 2014

The Marxist model mandates a bourgeoisie that is in perennial exploitation of a proletariat.

This arrangement allows Marxism to obtain and hold political and economic control. The privileged bourgeoisie are demonized as the oppressors of the proletariat, their privileged status serving as evidence.

When superimposed on Western culture, the offending bourgeoisie are identified as white people who obtain a higher standard of living than most non-whites. The put-upon proletariat are usually identified as the encompassing people of color.

The challenge is not to convince the proletariat of their victimization. They willingly accept the role, happy to benefit from the windfall of unearned and unmerited privileges.

The challenge is to convince white people that they are, in fact, the privileged bourgeoisie who are unconsciously exploiting people of color.

To achieve this challenge white people must be manipulated to accept an alternate reality. Considering the broad spectrum of nut-case religions adopted by humans, it is not difficult to understand that our brains are DNA prepped to indulge in a belief system that defies both logic and reality.

To this end Harvard University has set about to indoctrinate incoming students in Marxism, using white privilege as the staple of its core curriculum. It will be a part of their mandatory orientation upon setting foot on campus.

Our source article explains:

The wonks in training at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government will soon be subjected to a new and touchy-feely line of inquiry: Checking Your Privilege 101. In response to growing demand from student activists, administrators committed Friday to adding a class in power and privilege to its orientation program for incoming first-year students.

“We’re at one of the most powerful institutions in the world, yet we never critically examine power and privilege and what it means to have access to this power,” says Reetu Mody, a first-year masters student in public policy and a campus activist. “We’re excited to have the administration on board for training all Harvard Kennedy School first years.”

Privilege — a catchall term for the perks an individual enjoys in society because of his race, gender, or class — has been used to analyze social inequality for decades. It’s also enjoying something of a moment, thanks to social-justice bloggers and their critics, like Princeton freshman Tal Fortgang. In a viral article for the conservative Princeton Tory, Fortgang wrote that calls to “check his privilege” — that is, to consider how his good fortune might impair his ability to empathize with others in any given debate — “threaten to strike down opinions without regard for their merits” and “solely on the basis of the person that voiced them.” Being told to check his privilege is not overt reverse racism, Fortgang admitted, but it “toes the line.”

Mody has some sympathy for Fortgang and his ilk. “If what you’ve been told all your life is you’re really talented and you deserve what you have, it’s going to be really hard to find out Maybe I don’t deserve it, and all these other people equally deserve it but never even had a shot,” she says. “Schools are not giving students a space to manage that loss of identity.”

She says most of the resistance to discussing privilege comes from those who (mistakenly) believe it’s about making individuals feel guilty. That’s why Mody thinks Kennedy School of Government makes a good pilot program for institutionalized privilege-checking. For them, examining the world and your position in it isn’t just a feel-good liberal intellectual exercise; it’s a practical tool for people who hope to be leaders.
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When properly administered, white privilege indoctrination removes the cognizance of the reality that white privilege actually discriminates against whites and sets non-whites at a disadvantage as white innovations -- as advanced health care and Obama phone technology -- become scarce.

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  1. Perhaps all those privileged Harvard students will leave and do everyone a favor.