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May 30, 2014

Without expansive healthcare in Florida, exactly four-million people will kick the proverbial bucket.

Those were the words of Rep. Corrine Brown, though the 'kick the bucket' part is admittedly a paraphrase.

So, what were her exact words?

“In fact, we’ve got over 4 million people that need medical expansion of health care that we are sending back, that’s going to die because they’re not getting the quality health care that they need,” Brown said during Wednesday night’s Veteran’s Affairs Committee hearing.

Brown was miffed that Florida's governor Rick Scott moved to sue the U.S Dept. of Veteran Affairs for blocking state officials from inspecting federal medical facilities.

Somehow the black woman drew a connection between the governor wanting to make inspections and access denial to healthcare.  "People ... is going to die," she concluded.

Brown didn't actually mention the GOP or Tea Party and Gov. Scott said nothing about killing 4 million people. If she can infer, so can I.

It is my prediction that 19.5 million people currently living in Florida will die with or without the government.

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