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May 20, 2014

Where else but ObamAmerica could the government create an environment for cyber-espionage, then try to prosecute those who actually do it. It's akin to leaving a $100 bill on your car's front seat with the window rolled down.

Attorney General Eric Holder said he is charging Chinese military officials with hacking into major American corporations to steal trade secrets. The five defendants are in Shanghai, have never been in the United States, and will likely never see the inside of an American court.

From our source we read:
The indictment accused the Chinese officials of targeting the U.S. nuclear power, metals and solar products industries. The alleged victims include major U.S. firms like Alcoa World Alumina, Westinghouse Electric and U.S. Steel Corp.

Holder said the hackers were targeting a total of six American companies, stealing information deemed useful to companies in China, including state-owned firms. He stressed that the alleged hacking is far different than the type of intelligence gathering conducted by governments around the world, in that this involved cyber-espionage for the sheer purpose of gaining the commercial upper hand against U.S. businesses.

"This is a tactic that the United States government categorically denounces," Holder said. "This case should serve as a wake-up call to the seriousness of the ongoing cyberthreat."

The charges were described as the first such case brought against state actors. The specific charges relate to cyber-espionage and theft of trade secrets. 
East Asians are known for their superior intelligence. While Western culture has consistently outperformed the Chinese in innovations, East Asians seem to have a knack for reverse engineering and duplicating our technology.

Some historians credit the Chinese with discovering the combustible properties of coal, a significant step in allowing Western culture to fuel the industrial revolution.

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