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May 28, 2014


The Amazing Atheist managed
to evoke the wrath of feminists.
"Welp," writes Brittney Cooper at Salon, "Another young white guy has decided that his disillusionment with his life should become somebody else’s problem."

Conclusion: White privilege was the underlying cause of Rodger's deadly rampage.


Feminists have determined otherwise. It's not the color of skin, but the content of one's chromosomes.

The Amazing Atheist drives this point home on YouTube and, as punishment for offending the fairer sex [oops!], managed to get his video jammed with a warning. He still managed over 90,000 views. Warning, he cusses a lot. A LOT!


A guy at DailyKos decided to put the two together: It's a combination of white privilege and the innate evilness of being male. 'The True Alpha Male': Elliot Rodger and Aggrieved White Male Entitlement Syndrome. The title says it all, so no need to read the post.


Then comes this shocking news from CBS: The real problem is guns.

Gun law proposed in California in wake of Elliot Rodger's killing spree

GOLETA, Calif. -- Thousands mourned the deaths of their classmates at a California university, lawmakers proposed ways to prevent the next round of deaths, and the rampant presence of guns were at the forefront of both discussions as a rampage that left seven dead reverberated across the state.

Richard Martinez, whose son, Christopher Michaels-Martinez, 20, died in the attacks, spoke at Tuesday's memorial on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, emphasizing that he did not speak for all the victims' relatives or even his former wife, Michaels-Martinez's mother.

But he urged students to fight for tougher gun laws, and placed the blame on what he called the inaction of politicians.

"They have done nothing, and that's why Chris died," Martinez said. "It's almost become a normal thing for us to accept this."
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Imagine that: If we'd just squash the Second Amendment, human nature would forever be altered and never, ever again would there be a homicide.
He got much of the crowd to repeatedly chant "Not one more," in reference to such massacres, a phrase he shouted before reporters and television cameras the day after Friday's massacre.
Anyone know what the BS in CBS stands for?

In a long, drawn out spew Michael More said much about the fact that he had nothing more to say about it because he said all there was to say years ago and that, he said, was...

Meanwhile there were three people shot dead in Chicago this weekend. We aren't supposed to notice when blacks commit murder because it has the inverse effects intended by cultural Marxism: When white people commit gun crimes (white defined as 'anyone who isn't black and commits a crime'), we are emotionally tugged towards endorsing anti-Second Amendment gun laws. When blacks commit gun crimes, we head to the gun stores en masse and empty their shelves.

Those three murders were the tip of the proverbial iceberg. PressTV reported that 80 were killed in the week before the Rodger rampage. The mainstream Marxist media couldn't care less because those eighty were unexploitable.

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