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May 31, 2014

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A elderly woman was the latest in a spate of pedestrians being robbed in Durban North, South Africa.

Yvonne Kirstein, 80, was walking to the market when four men armed with a knife pulled her into the back seat of car where they relieved her of her valuables, including a wedding ring. The ring was a bit too stubborn for the robbers, prompting one to bite her finger in an effort to remove it.

In addition to her ring the robbers also took her watch, handbag, and empty shopping bag.

The traumatized octogenarian was taken for a tetanus shot due to being bitten, according to her daughter Jackie Neimand.

From our source we read:

“This was just so horrific and brazen. She has been to the doctors for her tetanus shot because the man who bit her tore a bit of skin off her finger,” she explained.“My mother said the men drove past her and pulled up on the pavement.

They then grabbed her and dragged her into the backseat of the vehicle. She screamed for help but no one was around. Two of the men held her down while the man with the knife began taking her valuables.

”The suspects eventually pushed Kirstein out of the car and drove off.“I’m so thankful my mother is fine. There have been so many cases where people have lost their lives for less.

She is recovering and has spent most of today resting,” Neimand said.

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City police say Kirstein is one of many female victims in recent similar attacks.

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Durban North is a relative new beach community founded in 2000.

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