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May 9, 2014

Welcome to Wisconsin. Home of the uber-liberal University of Wisconsin, cheese, and a gubernatorial Democrat whose bike shop hasn't paid taxes in ... HOW LONG?!

Three decades, according to our source.

Mary Burke's Trek Bicycle has not paid state income taxes for more than thirty years!

The company boasts $900 million in annual sales.

Trek Bicycle, the bike manufacturer started by Burke's father in 1976, is widely regarded as the largest in the United States.

 From our source we read:

In the race for governor, Democratic candidate Mary Burke has been touting her experience as a Trek Bicycle executive. Trek Bicycle is a world-famous bike company that was founded in Waterloo, Wisconsin in 1976. FOX6 is taking a closer look at Trek’s track record on taxes.

In March, FOX6 News examined corporate tax avoidance in Wisconsin — looking at the 25 largest companies, and found most of them don’t pay state income taxes — even when they’re making profits.

That story also explored Gov. Scott Walker’s pro-business agenda.

Now, FOX6 News is looking at Mary Burke’s position on corporate taxes — and her association with Trek Bicycle, which she touts in virtually every campaign ad and during every public appearance she makes.

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