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May 5, 2014


Frank Taaffe, close friend to and apologist for George Zimmerman, announced today he will disclose new information regarding the Zimmerman trial.

"This should launch full-scale probe by the FBI," Taaffe revealed in a FaceBook post.

The information relates to the Zimmerman verdict and what was going on in the jury room prior to the announcement of the verdict, he said.

Taaffe said he would make the disclosures to the Orlando Sentinel later today.

Taaffe became a media sensation for his vociferous support for Zimmerman. Zimmerman was indicted on second degree murder charges in the death of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was later acquitted.

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Above: George Zimmerman
Below: Trayvon Martin


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  1. Note to trayvon's mammy:

    Thanks for the comment
    Couldn't help but laugh but, alas, that's a bit too much. Sorry.


  2. I wonder why Taaffe deems it necessary to open his mouth? Do we really NEED/WANT this bs opened up again??? The DOJ/NAACP/etc are looking for any reason to get this case overturned and Mr Put-Me-In-The-Spotlight has to do this....why?????