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May 26, 2014

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Another white victim of black rascality.
The news media is dismissing a black-on-white mob attack as a mere 'prank' and later as a 'brawl,' though the video clearly showed the white teens were being attacked, not brawling.

One newscast featured a clip in which a white teen is seen slapping another white teen. That clips, however, was from a different attack and was likely added to diminish the racial aspect of the mob attack.

A group of black teens assaulted a young white teen and his friend while others video recorded the assault.

One newscast included this image of a  white
teen slapping a victim. The teens at McDonalds,
however, we all black. 
The victim, Melissa Gilliland, later told the media that police were called, but refused to help. Instead, they deflected their responsibility by asking the victim if she was attacked for carrying a knife. The girl was unarmed.

The attack occurred April 28 in downtown Baltimore.

The advent of the Internet coupled with the proliferation of video devices make the phenomenon of black-on-white violence seem to be on the increase.

Black-on-white attacks have been common in the United States for generations. In fact, Abraham Lincoln and a friend were attacked by a mob of seven blacks when he was 19 years old.

Most black-on-white attacks are unreported by the media.

Jim Crow 'laws' were established to protect white people from black violence and crime, historically called 'rascality.'

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