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April 10, 2014

A woman's gold necklace was snatched on live TV, even as she was speaking about the inefficiency of the police in Rio de Janeiro.

Even though the thief was seen live by millions in Brazil and by millions more as the video went viral, he had no fear of being caught.

RJTV reporter Eduardo Tchao was asking about Rio’s high crime rate.

Kenn's suggestion to Rio cops: Plant fake gold chains around the necks of undercover copettes. The chains will be embedded with radio detection devises.

Don't forget the hidden camera to catch the image of the necklace snatcher.

Meanwhile, in America, we'll relieve your crime burden with borders opened to hordes of Hispanic thugs. Once here they can prey on us, then complain that we are racists and Xenophobes.

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  1. Xenophobe Pride Worldwide. Ohhhhhh