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April 21, 2014

If you see a black motorist stranded by the side of the road, don't stop to help.

That lesson was learned by Caleigh Roelfs who stopped to help when she noticed a vehicle stranded on a rural highway.

Before the 19-year-old white woman finished asking, the black male motorist grabbed her ponytail, dragged her out of her car, and beat her repeatedly.

"He hit me in the face and threw me on the road. And he actually stepped on my chest like I was just a rug," said Roelfs.

The attacker and his accomplice ripped her engagement ring off her hand. As the woman lay beaten on the side of the road, the two males rifled through her car. No one stopped to help.

While ToledoNewsNow.com refused to describe the attacker as a black male, NYDailyNews.com noted:
The man, she described as a 6-foot black male with a shaved head, face and spider web tattoo on his left hand, violently grabbed her while she was still seated in her car.
"Then he punched me in the face and threw me on the road. He then stepped on me like I was a rug, and [went] into my car looking for stuff," she recalled. "When he didn't find anything he took my [engagement] ring and kicked me in the back."
Both men then left her lying there, where she remained for some time too afraid to get up.
"I just laid there with my eyes closed freaking out," she said. "I kept telling myself if I can't see him he can't see me."  [source]

The racist attack occurred Monday, April 14, 2014 on Route 6 near Napolean, Ohio.

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