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April 30, 2014

Christopher Barrella, 47, holds a master's degree.

He came in first on the civil service test for chief of police in Freeport, New York.

Freeport's Mayor Andrew Hardwick named Lt. Miguel Bermudez, 55, to the position rather than Barrella. Bermudez has no degree, lacks a previously required four years in his lieutenant position, and came in third on the civil service test.

Hardwick is no longer mayor of Freeport.

That prompted Barrella to file a lawsuit against the city and the former mayor.

Reverse discrimination?

The media call it 'reverse discrimination.'

I object.

There is no such thing. Race-based discrimination is color blind. There is nothing 'reverse' about it.

And consider this:

Even though white people enrich the world's population with advanced technology, and in spite of the undeniable reality that literally billions of lives have been saved as a direct result of our contribution to health care innovation, we continue to be demonized as racists and cursed for inflicting genocide.

Yet, when non-whites attack us it is never referred to as 'reverse genocide.'

The discrimination imposed upon Christopher Barrella, who is white, serves as a harbinger for our future. As white culture is being displaced, white people will find themselves punished for being white.

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