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April 7, 2014

Let's fast forward 100 years.

An Oprah-like liberal is making a movie about the family in Winter Haven, Florida who opened fire on a would-be intruder. The home invader died from gunshot wounds.

In the real-life event a thug with a rap sheet that includes aggravated assault and domestic violence broke into a home. Wakened by the rattling of the kitchen door, the family armed themselves. One of the three armed family members fired a warning shot as the man made his way into the kitchen. The would-be burglar to leave the premises. When he refused, he was shot.

In the 2114 theatrical version a middle-aged black nerd wearing horn-rimmed glasses is driving his little daughter to the emergency room. She has seconds to live. In his rush to leave his home, the poor guy fogot his cell phone. When his unexpectedly runs out of gas, the nerds lumbers up to the front door of the nearest house and gently knocks. One of hairy-faced red necks peeks pulls back the window shades as sunlight livens his NRA tattoo. The redneck rounds up his cousins and, together, they point their sawed-off shot guns at the front door. There is a soft tap-tap-tap followed by ear-piercing gun blasts.

The little girl survived and the rest of movie recounts her struggle against white racism in America.

The real life event occurred April 7, 2014, according to news reports.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I will dry the tear from my eye and check my TV schedule to see when Oprah's revisionist account of the 1921 Tulsa riot will be broadcast.

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  1. Subhumans gonna subhume.

  2. It floors me when commercials now constantly show colored fambilys in middle class settings, acting as if they have the patronizing upper hand. They mislead the viewers inti thinking the Whites are aloof and so helpless without the wisdom of the intellectual colored. Keeps us prepared for the wandering, leering, house casing negros in the neighborhoods around me. We aren't aloof nor are we nerdy idiotic know nothings, we're prepared and ain't scared so stop deceiving yourselves, coloreds. We're ready for ya.