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April 21, 2014

Help us spread the word by distributing our fliers.

Our fliers are designed ...

• To be thought provoking, not provocative
• To be easily read from a distance
• To be short, simple, and to the point
• To pique curiosity rather than make a 'statement'
• To direct people to our web site
• To save on toner (print a bunch!)
• To be legally distributed (do NOT place in mail boxes, eg.)
• To be printed on 8.5 x 11 white paper

How to use our fliers...

• Click here to print the pdf flier: 2014-04-21
• Print as many as you want
• Give your efforts a boost...
   by placing an anonymous call to the local newspaper/TV/radio stations
   and reporting someone is distributing 'racist' material in your area.
   IMPORTANT: Offer to send a flier to the media outlets you contact.
   The media coverage will be negative, but will increase the message exponentially.
   (Tip - Tap in #67 before dialing to block caller ID)


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