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April 27, 2014

Who was the SPLC spy
at AmRen? Who was the
eyes and ears of Morris Dees?
This is why I hate conspiracy theories.

I'm no psychologist and don't claim to fully understand how the human mind works, but I do know this: Our brains are innately arranged to believe nonsense.

A case in point occurred this weekend at the AmRen Conference. Someone made the accusation that one of the attendees was an informer for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an Alabama-based organization that, in my opinion, advances anti-white hate and bigotry.

The problem is, the person accused was not an informer for the SPLC. I know him. He was invited to the AmRen Conference by a FaceBook friend and was looking forward to a time of fellowship and encouragement. He wasn't disappointed. He learned much and made new friends.

Still, the rumors were hurtful. Not only for the victim, but for all of us!

Once the spy was "revealed," friendly faces became caustic and soured with disapproval. Not because the man was an informer -- he was not -- but because a few gullible people believed he was an informer.

As the rumor spread, some believed. No one bothered to directly confront the accused. The rumor mill was sufficient.

It always is.

It's not the loud bullhorn outside,
but the whispering buffoon inside
who does the damage.
During my twelve-year tenure as a pastor I observed such infighting and the damage it causes. One person would frame a bit of gossip as a prayer request, a 'spiritual concern,' or, on occasion, out-right lying. The victim often had no idea he or she was the target.

Similarly such bad-mouthing waffs it way through political organizations. In this context the motive can't be shrouded in spirituality, but is nothing more than mean-spirited self advancement.

The point is this: AmRen is not to blame for human nature. Back-stabbing gossip is a universal phenomenon. It happens whenever and wherever people gather.

Fortunately the damage was limited to a very few. Many have told me, personally, that they were unaware that the problem existed.

Still, if we are to advance and succeed as a movement we must rise above such petty -- yet damaging -- practices.

What to do? Here are my suggestions:

• Be always mindful that the most critical battle is behind us, not before us.

The dozen or so protesters who chanted outside the AmRen convention are not our most formidable foes. We, ourselves, are our own worst enemies. The noise emitting from a bullhorn did no damage to anyone. The only ones listening were the protesters and the police. At least the cops were being paid.

The dangerous sounds were those being whispered within the confines of the convention room, the hallways of the hotel, and the posts being read on FaceBook. Do we understand that we do far more damage falsely accusing one of being an informer than the actual informers? Do we realize that the soft-spoken words that 'reveal the spy' are weightier than the blasts from the bullhorn on the grassy knoll?

Do we fully grasp that the most deadly arrows are those we shoot at each other from behind where there are no shields of protection? It's not the loud bullhorn outside, but the lurid buffoon inside who does the damage.

• Think critically.

I find it interesting that AmRen attendees are, perhaps, the most objective people in the nation. Incredibly, these who are undaunted by media bias and white guilt movies are sometimes easily duped by the silliness of slander that circulates amongst themselves. How ironic. Then, again, that may be why so many blew off the rumors as absurd.

Critical thinking also forces us to ponder this possibility: When you hang the wrong guy, the bad guy gets off scot-free. We all know that the SPLC sends an informer to the AmRen convention each year. How amused he/she must have been to hear that the wrong guy was being lynched!

• Question credible sources.

The most harmful rumors usually flow from the mouths of those we trust the most. We seldom stop to consider that our trusted friend may be merely repeating nonsense he/she has heard from another reliable source. For that reason it is important to go to the original sources. In this case, those who were convinced that one of their fellow compatriots was a spy could have simply and courteously confronted him!

• Question incredible sources.

Consider that your credible source may not be credible, after all. He/she may have a selfish motive, an ax to grind, an offense to repay, or a more devious motive. In the end, this liar does more damage than the actual spyer.

• Think intrinsically

Think about it. If you wanted to totally destroy someone's reputation and credibility, how would you do it?

Consider, also, that libelous slander is just that: libelous. That is, it is often actionable in a court of law. Before passing along tidbits of juicy gossip, we should imagine ourselves being cross examined by our victim's lawyer. Worse yet, our thoughtless words may be repeated by others who could face litigation.

Remember that Satan was successful because he was once an Angel of Light! Incredible!

Knowing the victim -- and the likely source -- it appears to me that this bit of slander was intentional.

• Take a psychological selfie.

You've heard the moccasin parable. It applies. How would you feel if rumors were afloat that you were in bed with Morris Dees?

• Weigh the damage.

Consider, again, that the most formidable battle is waged within. As more human lives are lost to viral infections that gunshot wounds, movements such as our own run higher risks of self destruction than outward opposition.

• So to the source I would say this: Think!

Did you stop and think that the friends of the person you were attacking would immediately inform him? Did you every consider that by falsely accusing a innocent man of being an insider who was up to 'no good,' that you were the insider who was up to 'no good'? That the man you lied about was not the devious one, but that you were the devious one?

Did you consider that by spreading this god-awful rumor that you could -- forever -- destroy your own credibility and reputation? Did you consider that your lies do more damage than spies? Did you ever consider that by inserting your personal vendetta into the conference that you risked damaging AmRen? That you inflicted more damage to AmRen than Morris Dees ever could?

Did you stop to think that those who listened to you, and now know the truth, also know you can no longer be trusted? Did you entertain the thought that the person you sought to destroy has friends who know you were lying? Did you ponder the possibility that the next time those you lied to see you, they will immediately recognize you as a deviate who cannot be trusted?

Did you ever consider that you had no evidence for your false accusations, but those who heard your lies now have first hand evidence against you?

Were you mindful that extending your vendetta to the AmRen conference was an affront to Mr. Taylor, the staff, the speakers, and every individual who attended?

Did you stop and think that at least one website would expose you?

Did you consider the person you accused of being an SPLC spy may be willing to take a polygraph test? Are you willing to do the same?

Last I heard, the man accused of being an SPLC spy is still awaiting to be courteously confronted. I wonder if any who is bold enough to slip bits of gossip into another's ear has the character to give him a call?

Who will be first?

[ See photos of protesters here ► ]


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