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April 9, 2014

UPDATE: BLM law enforcement officers took Dave Bundy, 37, into custody Sunday, accusing him of "failure to comply with multiple requests by BLM law enforcement to leave the temporary closure area on public lands," the BLM said Monday.

But the Bundy family said Dave Bundy was simply parked on the side of Highway 170 near Bunkerville using his iPad to videotape federally hired workers rounding up his father's cattle [source].

Federal agents are taking cattle from a Nevada rancher.

They are also taking his livelihood. Worse yet, they are taking his liberty.

In so dong the agents are setting precedent to take your liberty as well.

While we fret and worry over black thugs being racially profiled in urban areas, our core liberties are being stripped away. Our minds are being diverted in a strategy of intentional distraction.

It's akin to the psychology used by pick pockets and stage illusionists. While we are looking over there, government agents are taking our liberties over here. 

In a show of force reminiscent of Ruby Ridge, the escalating turf war between cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and thugs employed at the government's Bureau of Land Management is a textbook case of how the federal government invents excuses to displace property rights. The right to use your land as you see fit is taken away. It is transferred to government* agents. 

Government agents frequently use environmental concerns as excuses to invade our private property and deny our natural right to live as a free people. 

In Cliven Bundy's case the excuse being used is a turtle or, more specifically, a tortoise.

Government agents effectively stole the rancher's land by declaring it a federally protected habitat for a desert tortoise. Bundy is forbidden to allow his cattle to graze on land that his family has owned for generations; even before the Bureau of Land Management was formed. 

It is estimated that up to 150 species go extinct every day. A precise number is impossible to determine because there are millions of species that have never been discovered. Science has cataloged 801 species known to have disappeared since the year 1500.

White the government uses extinction as a pretext for denying liberties to citizens, it also dips into the bottomless pit of environmental concerns to corral us like Cliven Bundy's cattle into government submission. 

The Environmental Protection Agency, for example, has restricted the use of wood burning stoves. It's agents claim the smoke emissions from a cabin in the woods threatens the well being of the planet. In reality the agents want to keep us all on the grid where we can be controlled.

EPA agents also regulate rain water. They use the excuse that rain water running off your property can affect water sources down stream. That regulation, alone, forces every property owner -- no matter how remote -- under the jackboot of government regulators. 

Government agents use people like Cliven Bundy to set legal precedent for widespread confiscation.

The rest of us, meanwhile, are distracted by inconsequential civil rights violations.  While we fret and worry over black thugs being racially profiled, our core liberties are being stripped away. 

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*Governments are like corporations in the sense that they are intangible abstracts. When humans are removed from the equations, those entities cannot exist. Consequently, I prefer to use the phrase 'government agents' in lieu of 'the government' to accurately emphasize that a lifeless entity can do nothing. We cannot hold the government responsible because it is nothing more than a conceptual abstract. The people -- or agents -- who comprise government entities are to held accountable.


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  1. Janet Reno's advice to the Feds - Burn it to the ground and make it look like an accident. It worked in Waco.

    Our govt is out of control. The Republic is lost to American citizen and voter acquiescence and apathy, as well as all three branches of govt complicit in these acts. The only question is - when will the vast majority realize this fact?

  2. where are the ACLU legal teams????


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