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April 21, 2014

News media unwittingly 'advertised'
the 'racist' web site to tens of thousands!
Parents expressed outrage when they discovered 'racist' notes inside Easter eggs.

The notes found in eggs delivered to Henrico County, Virginia homes read, "diversity = white genocide."

One parent regarded the notes as white supremacy.

The news report cited only parents who were outraged.

While the actual notes were seen by only a handful of residents, the media image of the notes were seen by thousands!

The message on the notes would have been largely ignored had the media not reported the incident, including images of the 'offending' web site. That, no doubt, produced a substantial increase in traffic on the site and subsequent support for the event it advertises.

What we learn is how to manipulate the media to get out a message. If you can make your message -- or your web site -- a news event that is picked up by the media, the message will be distributed exponentially.

In short, the media gave the website,, countless thousands of dollars in free advertising!

Meanwhile, a little white girl was beaten on a school bus by a black female student and no one expressed concern over the abject racism or made charges of 'black supremacy.'

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