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April 7, 2014

Retired residents live in constant fear.

Many are retired. Others are hard-working people striving to make ends meet. All have a common dilemma: An increase in crime.

They are the 400,000 New Yorkers who live -- or exist -- in public housing.

The New York Times says that crime in the projects has increased 31% while crime is other city neighborhoods rose 3.3 percent.

The towering government buildings are prisons without guards where residents openly engage in criminal activity with impunity.

Unorganized mobs of black teens -- called crews -- continue to bear down on the communities.

While murders declined slightly (from 62 to 58) and shootings dropped slightly (from 224 to 209), assaults rose 40%, rapes went up 13%, robberies increased 24%, burglaries 28% and grand larcenies 51%.

The rate has continued to climb in the first quarter of this year.

Sometimes it was a bloody domestic dispute. Sometimes it was a smash-and-grab theft of smartphones. Often it was related to the growing number of loosely affiliated “crews” whose penchant for violence seems to grow each day.

Deputy Chief Gerald Dieckmann of the Housing Bureau said the department’s increased efforts urging victims to report domestic abuse have contributed to the rise in recorded felony assaults and grand larcenies.

In 2010 about 36% of Housing Authority assaults were domestic, with the rate jumping to 54% last year.

“Basically, almost the whole increase is domestic-violence-related,” said Dieckmann, adding that some robberies are the result of domestic disputes as well. “I think that talking about it so much and our education efforts is part of the reason why it’s being reported.”

He also acknowledged that the growth of crews has contributed to more violent crimes in public housing, noting that for most, “It’s not about crime, but turf.”

Just last week the feds took down the Murda Moore Gangstas, a crew charged with dealing drugs out of the Moore Houses in the Bronx.
Prosecutors said the group was constantly at war with gangs from four other NYCHA developments in the Bronx.

Since 2009, the feds have taken down gangs across Brooklyn NYCHA developments, including Gowanus, Marcus Garvey, Farragut and the Marcy Houses. But major crimes continued to rise.

Most recently the city was horrified when a 14-year-old shot a passenger on a city bus while aiming at rivals from a Marcy-based gang.
After generations of living in daily contact with the most advanced civilization in human history, black thugs fail to be imprinted by that culture but follow a pre-programmed genetic track they inherited from African ancestors. In so doing they follow a sub-culture that requires constant monitoring; a people group who need to be kept -- as in My Brother's Keeper.


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