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April 18, 2014

Let's turn back the hands of time to a foggy era of days gone by when leftist 'historians' can revise events to suit their agenda.

There you will find a make-believe legacy of white oppressors demeaning innocent black folks who want nothing more than to live their lives in peace as they eke out meager incomes -- without their four acres and a mule.

Snapping out of the delusion of slumbering minds, we are confronted with the stark reality of present-day America where the truth is a bit more difficult to tamper with.

Case in point: Two black males have been charged with kidnapping the father of a white prosecutor in North Carolina.

This would make a great plot for a revisionist movie -- if only the races were reversed.

Truth be told -- and it seldom is by the mainstream Marxist media -- white Americans suffer incessantly from violent black crime; the exact opposite of the Marxist narrative we are led to believe.

Jakym Camel Tibbs and Quantavious Thompson are the two of eight suspects in the kidnapping who are still at large.

According to our news source:
Six other people, including a North Carolina inmate serving a life sentence, have been accused of planning Janssen's kidnapping.

Kelvin Melton, who was sentenced to life in prison for orchestrating a 2011 murder plot, is said to be the mastermind of the Janssen kidnapping. Prosecutors said he gave instructions from his jail cell using a contraband mobile phone.
Is this possible? How can it be that eight black Americans could be involved ins such a heinous, violent crime? This certainly doesn't match the image of of blacks we see on Disney!
What's wrong with these criminals? Did Sesame Street fail to provide them adequate role models?  Did their villages fail in raising them?

Tiana Maynard, Jenna Paulin Martin, Michael Montreal Gooden, Jevante Price and Clfton James Roberts were all arrested and charged with kidnapping after Janssen was rescued by a special FBI kidnapping task force on April 10 from a southeast Atlanta apartment.
Prosecutors say Tibbs and Thompson drove a rental car to Wake Forest on April 5 along with two women, stopping along the way to eat at a McDonald's in Lexington, S.C. Both Thompson and Tibbs were seen in video captured inside the restaurant, according to federal criminal complaints obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Frank Arthur Janssen, the kidnap victim, was rescued by the FBI.

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Above: Jakym Camel Tibbs and Quantavious Thompson

Below: Kelvin Melton, "mastermind"


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  1. I can assure you this would never happen again if I was in charge...........there would be ZERO recidivism, guaranteed.

  2. This isn't the first crime orchestrated from behind bars using a smuggled cell phone. If it's impossible to prevent inmates from acquiring phones, WHY DON'T THEY USE CELL JAMMERS TO...aw hell, forget it.

    At least this one has a happy ending. No humans were harmed and a pack of black criminals are off the street. It's always amusing to watch them organize and attempt something clever without Whitey's assistance.

  3. That guy looks Asian or maybe Amerindian, not White. He's probably mixed considering his name is Janssen. Not that it makes the crime any less heinous. It seems incorrect to call him White though.


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