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April 27, 2014

Below are unedited images uploaded direct from my camera.
They are unedited and without annotations. 

Most are 
a) pics of scenery near the park hotel
b) speakers
c) protesters

Please credit

Jared Taylor requested that I not take photos of individuals other than speakers,
so there are no images of the crowd.

I was informed the attendance was up this year 
from the previous year. 

Protesters? I counted 12, the cops said there were 15. 

Feel free to use these images as you see fit providing you make no changes, add nothing slanderous, libelous, or untrue. Credit



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  1. Great pics Kenn! It was indeed a good experience.........BL

  2. Thank you for the pics Kenn. It looks beautiful there. Very jealous I could not attend this year but will make it next year for sure.