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April 7, 2014

Oprah and other apologists for black crime
must reach far into the past where details
and evidence are clouded by an expanse of time
and roiled in the waters of revisionism and rumors.

The time has come for another white guilt story.

With Oprah's movie, The Butler, fading from memory, white people need to be reminded that they are the villains on the American stage. Black folks are their perennial victims.

Without having seen the script, we can predict with reasonable accuracy the plot of the two-part miniseries.

The production will retell the tale of the 1921 Tulsa riot in which white residents, fed up with violent black crime after a black boy raped a young white woman, took aggressive and decisive action to deal with black-on-white violence.

That, of course, will not be the essence of Oprah's retelling of the events.

First, there will be the hero.

Heroes in white-guilt movies are nearly always white. There is a reason. Moviegoers (or TV watchers) identify with the hero. We predict, therefore, the hero in Oprah's production will be a white person who realizes that blacks are victims of white privilege. The hero will courageously take a stand against white racism and we, vicariously, will stand with him (or her).

Second, there will be the villain.

The villain will be white. This person will personify everything that is evil about white people. Expect a sub-plot in which a black guy will do something amiss. The purpose of this secondary villain is to give the false impression that the white-guilt story isn't a white-guilt story.

Third will be the victim.

The victim will be a well-spoken and hard-working black person with a stable family, Viewers will be inclined to like this person. White people will be aghast when the white villain mistreats the black victim.

When the series concludes, the minds of white viewers will be saturated with feelings of remorse and shame for the mistreatment of blacks. Furthermore, they will identify with the hero and vow to defend blacks who are (naturally) always falsely accused of violent crime.

What you will never see is accurate history: Black-on-white violence that prompted a reaction.

My apologies for being the spoiler, but these productions are painfully predictable.

A few of the less gullible white people will decide that the truth lies "somewhere in the middle." They won't accept Oprah's revisionism out of hand, nor will they accept reality.

In the end, however, one-plus-one equals two; never eleven. The truth is not five and a half.

The strategy has never changed: Repeat a lie until it displaces truth.

The lie is that Greenwood, Oklahoma was a model black community. It was populated by law-abiding, intelligent, and law abiding black people who wanted nothing more than to fulfill the American dream. But, alas, those gawd-awful white racists just wouldn't let them be. Finally, in an unrestrained fit of racial hatred, the bigoted whites invaded the Negro community where they killed and plundered with impunity.

Prepare yourself.

Once the Oprah mini-series is absorbed as reality it will become the quintessential example of white racism.

The truth is the opposite.

White people in Tulsa were the victims of black crime and violence. To protect themselves, they segregated their communities.

On May 30, 1921 17-year-old Sarah Page was sexually assaulted by a 19-year-old black male named Dick Rowland. Rowland was taken into custody. The riot was sparked when a mob of armed black males showed up at the courthouse to protest the arrest.

As is the case in many black-on-white rapes, apologists try to convince us the victim was lying, the attacker was framed, or that the story was exaggerated.

Such was the case when Emmett Till sexually molested. Carolyn Bryant in 1955. Apologists minimized the attack as 'flirting.' Till's father was executed for raping and murdering a white woman in Italy.

George Stinney was executed at age 14 in 1944 after murdering two little white girls. The Green Mile was a white guilt movie loosely based on that murder leading many gullible white people to empathize with the brutal murderer!

In 1930 a white mob bypassed the rule of law in Marion, Indiana by lynching two of three black teens who gang raped a white girl. Revisionists later claimed the victim was lying, but produced no evidence.

In 1921 Sarah Page was sexually attacked in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Dick Rowland. When she screamed, Rowland fled. Revisionists say Rowland merely tripped on his way the bathroom and his victim misconstrued that as an assault. Page declined to prosecute and Rowland was set free.

Revisionists have rewritten this story so frequently that the most reliable sources are the original newspaper accounts from 1921.

Consider the following:

First, there is no reason why Sarah Page would lie about being attacked by Roland.

Second, there is no reason to believe that Greenwood, Oklahoma was the sole black community immune to rascality. While the existence of black enterprise is admirable, it provides is no excuse for black-on-white violence.

Third, to accommodate the white privilege myth, Oprah and other apologists for black crime must reach far into the past where details and evidence are clouded by an expanse of time and roiled in the waters of revisionism and rumors. Efforts to exploit contemporary accounts of white racism -- such as the Trayvon Martin debacle -- tend to fail because the evidence is fresh, abundant, and indisputable.

And so Oprah will take us back into the racist past of white America; a past the exists only in the minds of screenwriters and the gullible white people they convince.

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