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April 16, 2014

Sampson Blake Oguntope was a 21-year-old immigrant from Nigeria when he allegedly shot and killed an elderly white woman.

The 2012 murder occurred in Slaton, Texas located Southeast of Lubbock. Slaton, with a population of about 6,000, is less than 8 percent black and 72.35 percent white.

Oguntope was accused of shooting 89-year-old Faye Gray to death after he invaded her home at 1480 W. Crosby St. in Slaton. Also shot was Megan Moor, Gray's 21-year-old caregiver. Moor survived after escaping the home invasion.

In April 2013 the Nigerian immigrant was deemed incompetent to stand trial and subsequently held at a mental hospital. In August Oguntope's physicians determined he was competent to be tried.

A judge responded to objections filed by the Nigerian's lawyers by ordering a jury trial to determine the alleged killer's competence.

In an effort to displace the influence of America's Western culture, government officials allow mentally ill immigrants into our nation from sub-Saharan Africa while resisting the immigration of white Europeans who can contribute both to our culture and economy.

Our nation's immigration policy is set on a course of cultural genocide intended to subdue and displace our Western values.

The murder victim, a compassionate elderly white woman who initiated her community's Meals On Wheels program, was displaced by a Nigerian murderer, allegedly. The displacement is analogical to the broader problem of displacing all of Western culture.

Cultural Marxism does not consider violent crimes against whites to be a matter of concern, but rather accuses white people who resist of racism.

The American press resisted referring to Oguntope as a Nigerian, leaving readers to assume he was an American citizen. The press in Nigeria referred to him as a Nigerian student.

Texas Tech, where Oguntope participated in track and field, notes in his biography that he is a graduate of Hargrave High School and the son of Samuel and LaVone Oguntope. He was majoring in chemical engineering, the bio reports, who "enjoys running, and playing football and basketball."

The murder occurred February 21, 2012.

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