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April 12, 2014

Thunder Over Louisville is an annual fireworks display that launches the Kentucky Derby. Countless thousands attend the event.

The 2014 event is planned for tonight.

With the crowds come black mobs who terrorize families who want nothing more than a fun night of entertainment.

In an effort to secure this year's display, the FBI has informed black thugs via leaks to the media that they will be out in force watching and waiting for mob activity.

Tragically the mob attacks that terrorized Louisville March 22 were dismissed by authorities as a minor, one-time attack. In reality black rascality has been a serious terror problem to Americans for generations.

The owner of Bader's Market told the media that such mob attacks were weekly events. Each weekend, he said, he is forced to lockdown his downtown business to prevent thugs from rampaging through his store and terrorizing customers.

Abraham Lincoln was attacked by such a mob when he was 19 years old.

Authorities, enabled by a politically-correct cultrual Marxist media, attempt to downplay such egregious attacks. While authorities are scanning little old ladies and toddlers at the nations' airports, black rascality continues to terrorize our nation.

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