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April 4, 2014

Can you find the white guy in the image below?

Look close. He's tucked behind a pole just right of center.

The image comes from the Spalding University (Louisville) web site and it illustrates the obsession of cultural Marxism with imposing its values on the rest of us.

Government schools are notorious for imposing leftist indoctrination on students.

Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky is no exception.

A reliable source tells us that graduation from the college required a schedule filled with the only class available: African-American Religion. First among the class assignments was reading a chapter in the Communist Manifesto.

Government schools have long since purged themselves of impressing young minds with Western ideals. Most notable is allowing conservative Christianity to influence students. However, when religion is used as a Trojan Horse to introduce Marxism, then the wall of separation disappears.

If a picture paints a thousand words, the image below -- from the university's web site -- has a story to tell. Look at the image and notice the college is fronting "minorities and women."

That is no problem.

What is the problem?

A problem occurs when government institutions feel compelled to adopt hiring practices that balance their work force with a diversity of ethnic groups that reflect the community at large. For example: How often have you heard police departments bemoaning the fact that they need to hire more blacks? Or fire department exams being 'dumbed down' to accommodate applicants with low IQs and genetically induced dark complexions?

We doubt that the photo below reflects the racial make-up of the student population. What's more, we doubt the image reflects the diversity of the faculty. We know -- for a fact -- it does not reflect the demographics of Louisville.

So what does it represent?

It represents the objective of cultural Marxism to force white people to the back and white males to the back of the back.

We disagree.

In a free society those who run the fastest should cross the finish line first. Their gender and race should not be a consideration. In a free society black males will dominate among NBA players. They will stand at the front of the photo. East Asians will emerge at the front of academia, rubbing shoulders with white people. Images of bank tellers and seamstresses will dominated by women because of the genetic predisposition for indefatigable tasks that would bore the average male to tears. Photos of auto mechanics will always feature men at the front of women if, in fact, there are any women. Why? Because men are adept at determining and correcting mechanical flaws and are put off by written directions and road maps.

Cultural Marxism, however, sees things differently. They view the race as rigged to favor whites with white males given favored treatment.

They call it white privilege with emphasis on white male privilege.

Oddly, the 15th annual White Privilege Conference was held in Madison, Wisconsin, one of the whitest cities in the nation. The conference could have been conducted in the cash-strapped Detroit.

The conclusion?

Efforts to impose cultural Marxism on Americans is hypocritical and disingenuous.

Image from Spalding University web site.
Can you find the white guy?
(Hint: Look behind the pole, right of center.)


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  1. Our white kids today are so brow-beaten, they don't know which way. If they speak up, they are isolated. My daughter was told at our local church that Nelson Mandela is THE Jesus Christ for South Africa. When she objected and spoke of his atrocities, she was ripped apart. It is so frustrating when NO ONE wants to hear the truth. Boy, it makes my blood boil. We must fight for our children and not allow them to be so brain washed into their own genocide.

  2. Spalding University, per their own website, is a private university, not a "government school".

    While I agree that cultural Marxism is all that you say that it is, I would prefer that we be honest in our criticism.

    1. To my knowledge, Hillsdale College is the only college in the nation that refuses government (tax dollar) funding. To that extent Spalding U is a government school that finds it necessary to stay in the good graces of the government.

  3. Yes it is a private university so it can do what it desires. I personally attended and HBCU but being culturally aware of other races or religions, customs, ideas and views on the world is greatly beneficial in the real world.