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April 15, 2014

They call it cultural enrichment.

In reality it's cultural erosion.

When James Morris received a call from a Metro PCS store, he assumed there was some confusion and headed to the store to explain that he had paid his phone bill -- in person --earlier that month.

The employee disagreed, refused to check his computer, then pulled an AR-15 on Morris when he objected. The employee hurled racial slurs at Morris and his young daughter. The confrontation, complete with profanity, was captured on video tape.

This is how business is done in much of the Middle East. It's part of their culture. When their culture is injected into our culture, conflicts result.

Western values -- such as honesty, integrity, and reputation -- are ingrained in our social fabric. Such values are not only absent in much of the Middle East, they are considered bad business.

In Western culture dishonesty is the exception. In some Eastern cultures dishonesty is the expectation.

What to do?

Reversing the cultural displacement through immigration reform would be the most effective remedy for cultural erosion. That, of course, won't happen in the near future.

To deal with the cronyism that is now infesting our society, you will want to carefully document every transaction. Arm yourself with video and audio recording devices such as camera pens and iPods, then use them legally whenever and wherever you are likely to be "enriched" by cultural erosion. Then rue the day when they control law enforcement and the judicial system.

The encounter occurred in Detroit and was reported April 14, 2014.

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  1. Can't really blame the clerk. No doubt he wastes most of his workday hassling with negros trying to run some two-bit scam or shoplift, if not staging an armed robbery.

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