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Republican candidate kicked off Twitter
after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

April 10, 2014

No, I'm not advocating lynch mobs.

I'm only making a point that I understand why such mobs existed.

Imagine this happening 100 years ago...

A black guy  named Demetrio Campbell breaks into a Calumet Park home in 1914 instead of 2014.

He tries to lure a four-year-old girl and her older sister as they play outside their Chicago area home. Instead, the two frightened girls run inside. Campbell kicks down the door, forces everyone to leave but keeps the four-year-old 'for himself.'

When authorities show up, they find the rapist in a closet enjoying a cigarette.

In 1914 word quickly spreads. A mob forms at the local jail. Someone brought a rope. The jailer has no choice but to stand aside as the doors to the jail are kicked in. The other prisoners take action and deliver their cell mate -- whom they've already beaten -- to the angry mob. The prisoners watch through barred windows as Campbell is hanged from the mighty oak in on the courtyard lawn.

The local media are there with a tripod and massive camera. The crowd poses and smiles. The photo is printed on the front page the following morning.

But this is 2014. No lynch mob forms. Instead, the accused is placed in solitary confinement for his own safety. There is no media present, only a few bytes on an Internet news site for readers to find.

Had this occurred in 1914 it would be decades later before apologists for black crime would declare the rapist innocent.

The crowd, they say, was worked up into a frenzy. The little girl, they claim, recanted her story as an adult. But, alas, she is now deceased and there is no record of her recanting; only the testimony from the Campbell's relative whose word is taken as gospel truth.

The state of Illinois would officially pardon the thug and United States Senate would issue a formal apology.

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  1. Innocent until prove guilty Period!!!

  2. Innocent until proven guilty... its like everybody is crucifying him and there hasn't even been a trial yet! Yes if its true its the worst thing that a person can ever do BUT I don't believe he would do something like that to a baby. He just wasn't that type


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