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April 7, 2014

Plug-and-play profile: Two young black males
are wanted for robbing a New York City taxi driver.

White privilege thrives in New York City.

We've all heard the well worn tale from the mainstream Marxist media that black males are victims of unrelenting discrimination. True. Black males are, in fact, faced with discrimination.

Nowhere is it more apparent than in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan streets where white people flagging taxis are given preferential treatment over blacks.

It's a classic scenario the media love to rehearse over and again: Cab drivers often bypass prospective black passengers even when their cabs are empty.

News crews with video cameras in tow hit the streets to record real-life examples of black guys in suits being bypassed by taxis.

"See there?" they say. "Racism is real!"

What the man with the mic on the TV screen fails to explain is that the discrimination is neither irrational nor unjustified. Nor will the media divulge the reason behind the racial profiling and subsequent discrimination: Violent black crime.

They fail to inform us that white riders are given privileged status because experienced cab drivers do more than visually profile prospective riders: They draw on their experience and that of other cab drivers. Hence, white privilege is sometimes more than a hollow cliché exploited by cultural Marxism.

A case in point are two black males who caught a ride in New York City late Saturday morning. Once inside the passengers brandished a firearm and made off with $70. Minutes later one of those suspects robbed another cab of $250.

Source ►

Note that these were the fortunate cab drivers.

About three weeks ago (March 12, 2014) Mamadou Diop, a Cincinnati cab driver from West Africa, was found hanging out his driver's door. The area was covered with blood. Diop was dead, the victim of a gunshot wound.

The profiles of the two alleged killers in Cincinnati was virtually identical to the thieves in New York City: Young black males.

Landon Tompkins, 18, was arrested in Indianapolis a few weeks earlier for attempted murder. He and his sixteen-year-old accomplice fit the profile of the New York City thieves and the Cincinnati killers: Two young black males.

In Washington, D.C. last week  a 20-year-old ward of the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services was sentenced to seventeen years in prison. Rashad Slye was convicted in the shooting death of another African immigrant who was earning a living as a cab driver. 40-year-old Domingo Ezirike, a Nigerian, was gunned down over a 75-cent dispute. Slye, who is 23 years old, will be released from prison when he reaches the age of his victim.

The tales of deadly encounters between cab drivers and young black males seems inexhaustible.

• The Marxist inversion mantras

The media, however, is so obsessed with portraying young black criminals as victims of discrimination, it fails to consider that many of their true victims -- the cab drivers -- are also black males. Honest and accurate reporting regarding young black thugs simply doesn't fit the cultural Marxist narrative. Cultural Marxism creates an alternate reality and uploads it to our brains via the media. Consequently, we accept the false positive -- that young black males are the unjustified victims of white privilege -- as if it were true.

White people are given privileged status by cab drivers -- including Africans -- who visually profile prospective riders. White privilege is not the effect white racism. Rather, it is the effect of experienced cab drivers who want to avoid black crime and get paid for providing a service.

The mantras -- discrimination, racism, profiling, white privilege, et al -- are inverted.

Discrimination - White-on-black discrimination is not a cause but an effect. Jim Crow laws existed, not to discriminate against black people, but to protect white people from black crime and violence. Black-on-white crime and violence is black-on-white discrimination. The elderly white woman punched in a New York City subway terminal last week was an example black-on-white discrimination. The 54-year-old man who was beaten comatose after stopping to aid a little black boy in Detroit last week was another example of black-on-white discrimination.

Racism - Aside from the silliness of cultural Marxism in which white people are the bourgeois villains and non-whites their proletariat victims, racist hated among blacks for non-blacks seems innately universal.

Profiling - No one profiles more proficiently than black thugs prowling urban streets for easy prey.

White privilege - In the Marxism delusion privilege is a right, not something that is earned. In the real world, however, tall black athletes are paid millions to toss a ball in hoop because they do it more proficiently than others.

Note that cultural Marxism inverts cause and effect. In the Marxist mind of fantasies, crime doesn't lead to incarceration. Rather, incarceration leads to crime.

Marxism mandates that black rascality is the effect and discrimination is the cause. In the real world, blacks face discrimination (defined as they absence of privilege?) because they commit crimes. Criminal activity is the cause. Discrimination is the effect.

Cultural Marxism, therefore, is analogous to a bizarre religion and its adherents are mind-blinded cultists whose synoptic firings have been altered by attending too many White Privilege Conferences.

It is a cult of inversion in which the cause becomes the effect and the effect becomes the cause.

Cultural Marxism would have us believe that the elderly white woman who was punched in the face by a black male last week would not have occurred were it not for white privilege. Cultural Marxism would have us believe that the beating of a white man by a black mob in Detroit last week was caused by white privilege.

Cultural Marxism must invert reality to make its bourgeois villains vs proletariat victims model work.

It is truly fascinating that cultural Marxism has been absorbed by our national psyche resulting in a delusional populace that has displaced reality-based thinking with inversion.

That's not to say young white males never rob cab drivers. It is to say that the disparity that leftism calls privilege is reasonable. The disparity is due to the disproportionate incidents of criminal activity weighted towards young black males. It is also weighed by the disproportionate incidents of white people paying their fare (plus tips) and not brandishing firearms and demanding cash from cab drivers.

The divergence between black and white riders is so significant that those who put their lives on the line are willing to risk a loss in cab fare than risk a loss of life.

• White privilege reinforced in Virgina

The scenario was repeated in Stafford County, Virginia Saturday morning where two black males ended their ride by robbing the taxi driver after threatening to blow his head off. That robbery occurred April 5, 2014.  Source ►

West African cab driver killed in Cincinnati.

Two young black males were arrested in Cincinnati. 

Two young black males were arrested in Indianapolis
a few weeks earlier for shooting a cab driver in his neck.
Cab driver Domingo I. Ezirike's was killed for 75 cents.
His killer was sentenced last week to 17 years. 


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  1. For a cabbie transporting a negro, not being tipped is your best-case result.

  2. I pray that one day the mainstream press will suddenly be forced to report black racism in crimes. Whites are waking up to the fact that blacks are the criminal race. John Derbyshire said it all in his article "The Truth" on Takimag.