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April 10, 2014

Hank Aaron: Reminding blacks that
their place is on the butt side of Obama.
What is it about successful black Americans that blinds them to American exceptionalism?

We've endured the incessant drubbing of Harry Belefonte who channeled millions of dollars the pockets of white people to his own bank account through the sale of recordings. We've made Oprah a billionaire even as she uses her time and talent to turn out white guilt movies.

And now Hank Aaron emerges from the shadows of America's past to excoriate white Americans who oppose Obama's insane left-wing agenda as racists.

Aaron said white folks aren't far removed from their racism of the 1950s.

The man who broke Babe Ruth's home run record seems to be suffering from a memory lapse in his old age; not that age has anything to do with it. Most everyone who plays the political left field suffers from self-inflicted memory loss.

Aaron forgets that his fame and fortune did not befall him. They were bestowed upon him by the very "racist" white folks he condemns are racists.

How hypocritical it is that leftists remind us of the bad old day when black folks were consigned to elusively black Negro baseball leagues and -- and the while -- forgetting that exclusively black professional associations, such as the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Black Sports Professionals.

At least Dr. Ben Carson show a little gratefulness to live in America.

But black folks need to be kept in their place. The media find it necessary to remind black Americans that their place is on the butt side of Obama.

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  3. Oh wah Hank. Try not to bite the hand that made you famous, namely white baseball fans. As for the dwindling numbers of blacks in MLB, guess they don't have affirmative action quotas to fill. Cry me a river!