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April 6, 2014


He didn't actually say, "Get your face out of my video camera!" But he should have.

At issue is man walking down a residential street somewhere in Michigan.

Concerned neighbors did what most of us would do: They notified authorities.

But, alas, the gun-toting walker was doing nothing illegal. He refused to give the officer ID when asked and he declined to turn off his video camera.

The good officer ordered the man to get the camera out of his face. That was he cue to be cute but, another alas, he doesn't have my sense of humor. That may have worked well in his favor.

In the end the police told him he was free to go and that ended the encounter.

While I can't blame residents for expressing their concern, I have to wonder: If the officer honestly believed this guy was a threat, why did he casually encounter him?

And  another point. After viewing the video it occurs to me that the policeman was more concerned about the legal video camera than the two guns the man was legally carrying.


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