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April 23, 2014

From our source we read:
An ex-marine charged with fatally stabbing and raping two young girls in 2005, might never stand trial for their killings - and laughed when he was told the father of one of the children wrongly spent five years in prison for the crime.

Illinois native, Jorge Torrez, was found guilty earlier this month of another murder - that of Navy sailor Amanda Snell - and has refused to defend himself as the jury decides whether to sentence him to death or life without parole for that crime.

Indeed, as part of that process in the Virginia court room, the jury heard the frantic and horrifying 911 call made by the wrongly imprisoned Jerry Hobbs, after he discovered the mutilated bodies of his daughter, Laura Hobbs, 8, and her friend Krystal Tobias, 9.

That horrifying crime occurred in Lake County in Illinois and authorities there are keen to have Torrez stand trial - despite his insistence on being put on death row.

The Virginia court were shown graphic pictures of the crime scene and heard Hobbs, who is now, 43, moaning in the background after he and Laura's grandfather, Art Hollabaugh, made the gruesome discovery in a nearby park.

Hollabaugh traveled to Virginia to speak at the sentencing hearing of Torrez on Tuesday.

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  1. This guy is a walking, talking poster boy for building a concertina wire fence 12 feet high, 50 yards wide from Brownsville, Texas to San Ysidro, California then deporting ALL the illegal aliens, "immigrants", their children, grandmothers, cousins et al., I don't care if they're "U.S. citizens" either. Fine/jail the U.S. employers of illegals too and the problem will be solved after a few years when 30+ million Mexicans have been sent home. The Mexicans (that means from the Rio Grnade down to the tip of S. America) are probably more dangerous than the blacks, certainly more despicable. This hideous crime barely gets mentioned in the U.S. government media of course, thanks to the editors of this site for informing those of us who want to know what goes on. BTW, there are no "illegal immigrants", that is a legal and logical impossibility, there are only immigrants and illegal aliens. People either enter the country with the permission of the government as visitors or intending to become citizens or they enter the country illegally. Period. If someone enters the country illegally, which is a felony, then why not commit more crimes ? Mexico (from the Rio Grande to the tip of S. America) has a culture of lawlessness, violence anarchy and misogyny with a nice dose of tyranny and corruption in the mix, just the kind of "multi-culturalism" and "diversity" the U.S. and Europe need.