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April 14, 2014

Kenneth's mom noted the home invaders weren't there
for breakfast. Oddly, blacks who benefit from conservative
values -- such as First Amendment rights -- tend
to support leftist politicians -- such as Barack Obama.
Kenneth is alive.

That statement may not carry much weight with the news media, but the Detroit resident's close encounter with death could have been much different.

Two 19-year-olds broke into Kenneth's house last week. The homeowner protected himself by shooting both intruders. One died.

The police are defending such actions. One officer was quoted as saying, "It’s not just us, the police, you have to worry about. Our citizens are armed and will protect themselves and we are with them.”

Violent crime in America's black communities has always been a dilemma. There is no reason to expect that to change.

While the right of citizens to defend themselves is a cornerstone of any free society, it is a matter of survival for those living in feral communities.

Kenneth's act of self defense underscores the failure of gun control advocacy.

In a free society, every citizen is endowed with the liberty to enforce laws of self protection. When those rights are limited to government agents, innocent victims suffer dire consequences.

Among the reasons are:

• Criminals out-number police in feral communities.

Feral communities (an oxymoron in itself) are innately lacking in resources. Violent criminals tend to be intellectually challenged. The low average IQ that prevails also diminishes earning capabilities that, in turn, curtails tax revenue essential to underwrite law enforcement.

• Police are not omnipresent; victims are omnipresent.

The cliche, there's never a cop when you need one, rings true most of the time. It's a matter of logistics. It is necessarily true, however, that victims are present 100 percent of the time someone is victimized. When citizens are enabled to enforce self-protection laws, then law enforcement becomes more saturated. Such was the case with Kenneth. He didn't need to wait for a law enforcement officer. He was the law enforcer.

• Some police are incompetent.

Wearing matching blue outfits that come with badges and guns does nothing to improve the competence of an individual. With the proliferation of Affirmative Action initiatives that force governments to hire incompetent people to enforce laws, the problem is amplified.

• Some police are vindictive.

If the cops don't like you, they may provide poor service. That unfortunate reality rings true among those who have a history of resisting badge bullies. Furthermore, some authorities are race selective. A black 911 operator, for example, may be negligent in reporting a call that comes from white victims of black crimes. Considering the power of emergency dispatch unions, such race-driven inaction becomes more prevalent.

The crime was reported April 9, 2014. Kenneth is 47 years old.

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