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April 7, 2014


The next time someone steals your car, raids you office in the wee hours of the morning, or points a revolver in your face while they make off with your iPhone, keep this in mind:

They're probably just trying to support their families.

That's the logic used by potential presidential contender, Jeb Bush. Bush believes that illegal immigrants can't be faulted. After all, they are plundering our nation to help their families back home -- most in Mexico.

Oddly, only European nations maintain that pinheadian point of logic.

America is, indeed, a nation of immigrants. We are not a nation of illegal aliens. Or, at least, we weren't in the past.

If Bush cares to open his palatial home in Florida to Mexicans to rob and plunder so they may support their families across the Gulf, that's his prerogative. Open your gated community, Mr. Bush, and let the flood begin.

If Bush cares to open the 2016 GOP convention to undocumented delegates, that's his business.

Somehow I doubt he does either.

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