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April 8, 2014

Marcell Dockery, 16, told authorities he set an apartment building fire because he was bored.

Dennis Guerra, one of two police officers who first responded to the ensuing emergency call, has been declared brain dead. He and his partner were caught in the hallway were the fire began. Guerra, 38, is a married father of four.

His partner, Rosa Rodriguez, 36, was in critical condition at Cornell Medical Center’s burn unit in Manhattan where she was placed in a hyperbaric chamber.

Dockery was photographed smiling after taken into police custody.

Reports say he manages a Facebook page dedicated to his obsession with fire.

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  1. It has been said that 'the extinction of a species isn't always a bad thing'........I have to agree with that postulate. We had better segregate along racial lines or we'll be facing another civil war, one which will make the first look like a playground scuffle. The whites in this nation had better wake up, prepare, train, etc., the above scenario is what a large majority of non-whites envision!