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April 22, 2014

Cultural Marxism convinces us that blacks
are the victims of white privilege.
This family photo tells the truth.
Well, here's a story that will never make a big screen production; or get the widespread Trayvon media treatment.

A 19-year-old black male has been charged with killing a white man outside a liquor store.

Police are looking for Aaron Ivory. He is charges with killing Lance Pavlow, a 42-year-old white man.

Pavlow led a productive life as the owner of a construction company. His murder left his wife a widow and his three-year-old daughter without a father.

The murder occurred December 2, 2013 outside of the Beecher Beer and Wine store on North Saginaw Street in Mt Morris Township, Michigan.

15-year-old Alonte Robinson is also charged as an adult with felony murder and armed robbery in connection to Pavlow's death.

White people are conditioned to cry 'racist!' every time a black person is even slightly offended. The are de-conditioned to ignore obvious warning signs that could lead to bodily and emotional injury, even death.

'Racist' is the key word used by cultural Marxism to condition us to accept violent black crime.

'Stereotype' is the key word used by cultural Marxism to condition us to ignore violent black crime.

Violent black crime should not be accepted or ignored. It must be acknowledged and dealt with accordingly.

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