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April 7, 2014


It was another 'wrong-place, wrong-time' scenario.

Graydon Brown, 58, was in a Best Buy store shopping for CDs with his 8-year-old daughter when stuck by a fatal bullet fired from a gun held by Willie Wise who was 20 years old at the time.

Wise was arrested in July, 2012, convicted in March, 2014, and sentenced to two life terms without parole in April.

34-year-old Scott Norman, the intended target, was fatally shot multiple times by Wise. Police excused the shooting of Norman as a gang-related crime.

Also convicted was Jeremy Foster who is awaiting sentencing.

Any place and any time black thugs are present is a dangerous environment. Skelly Best Buy, the site of the murders, is located Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Brown was a talented radio announcer and software programmer. His killers appear to be professional thugs.

Multiple sources:

Jurors convict man for Best Buy shooting deaths ►
Man Receives Two Life Sentences for Best Buy Shooting ►


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  1. All gang related. One group of ass clowns shooting at another in the parking lot of a BestBuy. Killed a man in front of his daughter. Tulsa prosecutors are notoriously soft on these guys. The State should put in a fast lane into the death house and start rackin' and stackin' them at Big Mac.

    1. Agree. No sense in giving these thugs three hots and a cot, medical care etc for years on end. they aren't worth the wasted money.

  2. Rope, tree, jigaboo, some assembly required.