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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

April 7, 2014

Maryland police say a black male sexually assaulted two female joggers in Frederick County.

The encounter took place in Walkersville Community Park Sunday afternoon. A black male attempted to rip the pants off a 37-year-old woman. She fought back and was assisted by another female jogger. The attacker gave up and ran off.

The attack occurred Sunday, April 6, 2014.

Walkersville is 88 percent white and 5.2 percent black.

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Earlier, in New York City, a woman fought off a would be rapist inside a Lower Manhattan subway station.

The woman was grabbed from behind as she was about to go through a turnstile. Police say a black male grabbed her neck, covered her mouth and dragged her to an elevator. The woman managed to kick the emergency intercom button after screaming and biting the attacker's hand.

The New York subway attack occurred March 31, 2014.

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The attacks are significant because they were in diverse settings, on in a white suburban park set in a white community, the other in an urban underground in the midst of a city with a substantial black population.

Meanwhile, leftists Democrats stick to the story that the war on women is being waged by Tea Party Republicans who want to deny women "access" to free contraception.

Walkersville Community Park
Sketch of the Walkersville attacker
Security camera shot of the New York subway attacker.


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