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April 6, 2014

Move over, Rosa Parks. We have a new civil rights icon.

Elderly Judith Maroney was sitting on a bench at a New York City subway platform when a husky, middle-aged black male passed by. The black man made a fist and hammered the 70-year-old retiree in the face. The man turned and stared at her as he continued to walk.

Exactly when the monument honoring Rosa Parks will be removed and replaced with one honoring the retired art teacher is unknown.

Come to think of it -- had a New York City TV station not covered the story -- no one outside the victim, her attacker, and the police would have known about the attack.

Why did the man hit her?

Black-on-white violence is enabled by those who advance the discredited notion of white privilege. Also to blame are celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey who notoriously told BBC television that old white people would just have to die. The hatred is reinforced by history revisionists who teach black Americans to be hateful rather than grateful. How many black American who ride the subway are grateful for the white innovators who invented the technology that enables it?

The hate crime occurred Sunday morning of March 30, 2014 and was reported April 4.

As white influence and infrastructure is reduced by demographic displacement, the acceptance of the white privilege myth, and the cultural Marxism cult, violent crime against white people will accelerate.

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