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April 15, 2014

A black male who could afford a Gucci satchel and a sub-machine gun pulled the latter from the former when he was charged 22 cents sales tax.

The person was disturbed that he was being charged sales tax for a bottle of soda.

Nahshon Shelton, 36, defended his tax exemption by stating he lived in the neighborhood.

The 2-liter Pepsi cost $1.29 before taxes.

The episode underscores the divergent mentality of those who live in black neighborhoods. Black community organizers frequently complain about the disparity of education opportunities while residents, such as Shelton, oppose the primary funding of government schools: sales tax.*

We don't know how much sales tax, of any, Shelton paid when purchasing his satchel, sub-machine gun, or the bullets in it.

The event also spotlights police initiatives to randomly search males, profiling them by race.

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*In my opinion we need neither sales tax nor government schools.


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