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April 5, 2014

Brandon Samuels, 21, was shot to death at a house party in Omaha.

Arrested is Laron Jones.

Samuels was an unarmed white man. Jones, 23, is black.

News reports say the alleged killer's girlfriend was at the party. Jones, it appears, was not invited.

The report cited the victim's sister as recalling that the shooter, "...was physically abusing her and everything. A couple of fights broke out because of it. The boyfriend was fighting everybody. He pulled a gun and started shooting."

A witness said that Samuels was in the wrong place at the wrong time meaning, we suppose, that the victim wasn't singled out by the shooter.

Samuels was an invited guest at a private event. He was doing nothing wrong. In that sense we conclude he was at the right place at the right time. However, being a victim of a black gunman acting out aggression through random shooting would cause us to conclude that virtually everyone in America is potentially in the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to our news source:
Samuels was scheduled to stand trial on March 27th for driving through a stop sign, driving on a suspended license and possession of an open container of alcohol. His record included a DUI and felony criminal mischief case in 2011.
The alleged killer should have been behind bars the night of the murder.

There is a prevailing movement in America to reduce the incarceration rate of blacks. Such insanity results in the loss of life thanks, entirely, to the nonsense propagated by cultural Marxism.

The murder was reported to have occurred March 7, 2014.

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  1. Ken,

    Please aggressively take on the phrase "...Gone Bad," as in "Car Jacking GONE BAD," "Home Invasion GONE BAD," or "Hold Up GONE BAD."

    News reports regularly attribute murders committed during car jackings, home invasions and hold ups to criminal acts "GONE BAD."

    The impliation is that the well-intentioned criminals who break into houses with the intent to rob are somehow swept away by the moment and only kill because their criminal intention was complicated by the presence of victims. The implication is that the murderers are the victims of a "GONE BAD" moment. The implication is that the victims are responsible for being present and defending themselves in their own homes or cars, and that, had they just cooperated, the original criminal act would have "GONE JUST FINE."

    I am not aware of any criminally intended act that can be considered, when accomplished, "GONE GOOD." Car jackers are the only ones who would look on thier work with approval and say "WE DONE GOOD."

    If I am not mistaken, murder committed during the course of another criminal act is (supposed to be) upgraded to a more serious charge and is not (suppose to be considered) a "GONE BAD" oops.


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