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April 4, 2014

Urban blight would disappear
if we would just release black convicts
back into the 'hood to tidy things up.

It's one of the terms frequently used by cultural Marxism.

Are you impressed? Er, uh, impacted?

The word, itself, carries neither a negative nor positive connotation. It smacks of legal jibberish intended to make an impact without a specific meaning.

Add the word to disparate and you have a term worthy of an Ivy League scholar: disparate impact.

Used today in an op/ed published in Milwaukee, the impact is accompanied by the word pain.

The conclusion is that high black incarceration rates cause pain in urban settings.

Okay. I get it. I'm already starting to flush with white guilt.

We're taken on a  verbal drive through a black neighborhood where the impact is apparent.

The tour is in Racine, Wisconsin.

Just look! Houses in disrepair, drunks on every street corner, and loud music. Then there are the weeds. Just look at 'em! They're smoking them!

If we would just stop incarcerating black thugs, the streets would shine anew, the trashed houses would sparkle with fresh paint and clean gutters, the loud rap music would be subdued to pleasant elevator music that is so dull even white people hate it.

And the 'hood would be flush with an influx of cash as black thugs return to their jobs as NASA engineers.

Yes, my friends. Incarcerating black rapists, murderers, carjackers, home intruders, armed robbers, knock-out gamers, and black teens who run in packs hunting weak and vulnerable white people to beat upon causes much pain as made evident in the run-down neighborhoods.

So! Next time you're dumb enough to drive through the 'hood, take a good look. The dismal scene is your fault for not crying aloud against incarcerating bad black guys. Let's turn them loose so they can tidy things up a bit.

Hey! There's Bigfoot!

I recall 1967. I was a high school Freshman. A news crew had descended on a blighted black neighborhood in Detroit. Having shown us burned out houses due to rioters running amok, we met a chubby young black woman with wide-eyed toddlers in tow. She was the victim of uncaring white people who drove past the 'black area' looking neither right nor left, but staring ahead in apathy and abandon of empathy for their fellow man.

Not much has changed in nearly fifty years, other than they've added the word impact.

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