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April 11, 2014

Spread the violent black crime around: Mt. Vernon, OH
is the quintessential white community being targeted
by Eric Holder and HUD for forced integration.
Tyrone Caldwell, 34, was arrested for the murder of 80-year-old Marilyn Eversole.

The murder occurred Tuesday, April 8, 2014 when Caldwell (allegedly) broke into his victim's apartment.

Authorities found an injured health aid in the bathroom of the home when they investigated.

Caldwell was snagged after a two-hour manhunt. An accomplice or person of interest is still being sought.

The murder occurred about 30 miles northeast of Columbus, Ohio in Mt. Vernon. The community is 95.3 percent white and only 1.1% black. Racial profiling is significantly helpful in apprehending black suspects in mostly-white communities.

Mt. Vernon a quintessential whitopian community where people move to escape the urban blight of Columbus.

It is also the type of community that Eric Holder and agents of the Department for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) wish to integrate by force, ostensibly to make public services equally available to non-whites.

If Holder and HUD are successful in their efforts, police services will be more equally distributed as black-on-white murders -- such as that of Marilyn Eversole -- will become more common.

While economic Marxism seeks a redistribution of wealth, cultural Marxism seeks a redistribution of violent black crime under the guise (again) of making public services equally available to non-whites.

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