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April 24, 2014

Reducing the reality of black-on-white crime has become both an art form and science for the media.

Sometimes they refer to brutal attacks as 'fights.' The white victim is nearly always 'at the wrong place at the wrong time.' The implication of abject black-on-white racial hatred is never mentioned.

The senseless, violent, and racist attack on a white man led to murder last week. The media reduced that to "argument over a cell phone."

God forbid that we should acknowledge the ubiquitous nature of violent black-on-white crime. It would pierce the veil of the cultural Marxist narrative the blacks are the perennial victims of innate white racism or, as they prefer to call it, white privilege.

Reality: 36-year-old Brandon Pickford was stabbed in the neck by Asa Funderburk, 31*. It was a senseless murder of a hard-working white man who contributed much to society, struggled to make ends meet, and paid taxes to underwrite the lazy lifestyles of Funderburk and his ilk.

Funderburk, who was homeless, demanded Pickford's cell phone to make a phone call. Pickford declined the request and was stabbed to death with a sharp stick the black man had concealed in his pocket.

The murder took place at a McDonald's restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada the morning of April 17, 2014.

It's a plot you will never see in a movie.


*One report cited Funderburk's age as 36.

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  1. Another worthless shine that needs lynching.

  2. Grow up World stupid comments about cell phone and race didn't play a part in Brandon and Asa situations...World of hate is what your brain is stuck on!!!

  3. Cell phone situation it sounds like being racist is the first thing. Everyone bleed hurt and heal the same in most cases. Self protection because someone older comes at you for whatever reasons.. How did White on White crimes stop all of a sudden ? People it didn't !! Same Black On Black crimes also! My point is Stop and think because even the comment to approval don't think before they let the hate of the world out..

  4. I guess it was a request for phone use "gone bad."