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April 27, 2014

Here a few selected photos from the 2014 AmRen Conference:

With Jared Taylor.
You can use this to blackmail me as a 'racist'

View from the hotel room.

Came across these discarded
steps while hiking.

Another hiking photo.

Jared Taylor making opening remarks.

Frank Borzellieri related his story of being fired
from his position as a Catholic School principal
for standing for his principles.

Lounge outside the conference room. 

Douglas Whitman — “The Evolution
and Biological Reality of Race.”
Jack Donovan — “Interference: White Tribalism
Disrupts Their Regularly Scheduled Programming.” 

Philip Craik — “Orania: Afrikaners Build a Homeland.”

Posing with protesters.

'Students for a Democratic Society' --
I thought this group disappeared in 1969!


More photos: Protesters ►
Photo dump: All images posted directly from my camera ►


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