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April 6, 2014

Scream. Kick. Punch. Run.

Those are the strategies used by a six-year-old Parkland, Washington girl when a black male "appeared out of nowhere" and grabbed her.

Savanna Norman looked both ways before crossing the street. She saw no one. Apparently her would-be kidnapper(s) had been lying in wait; watching for the moment to pounce.

Savanna had been playing at a friend's house across the street. When it came time to return home she was encountered by two males.

Teaching small children to be distrustful of black strangers may offend the altruistic senses of some gullible white people, but in the case of Savanna it may well have saved her from enduring a brutal end to her young life.

Jakeel Rashon Mason was arrested as the prime suspect and booked into the Pierce County Jail for investigation of unlawful imprisonment. He is being held on $150,000 bail.

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