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March 26, 2014

For them it was just another Spring day terrorizing privileged white people.

To her it was something so bizarre that it could only be seen on a movie screen.

Viola Loeffler and her boyfriend were nearing a stoplight in downtown Louisville when their vehicle was surrounded this weekend by a mob of Africans adolescents.

There were dozens of them, she said. Literally. Fifty to 100 black-faced boys with nothing on their minds but the fun and thrill of terrorizing innocent white people. Each black youth felt empowered by the mob that surrounded him.

One threw a trashcan at the car.

Their minds still saturated with the innocence of Whitopian denial, her boyfriend, Ron Carter, got out of the car to see what was going on; have a little talk with these rascals.

Carter was attacked. Fists and flailing arms; kicking. The pain was insufferable.

Loeffler worried for the five small children in her car. The Africans pelted the car with rocks; some hit the small white children in side.

Stomping the accelerator and speeding away didn't cross her mind. These were human beings beating her boy friend and threatening the lives and physical safety of the children. Speeding away could hurt one of the attackers.

The Africans weren't so concerned.

One attacked her. In a single punch she was nearly knocked unconscious, leaving the children unattended. Blood spewed everywhere. The pain was unbearable.

The African adolescents had their fun. The attack on the run, literally, to avoid police.

Loeffler managed to drive the children to nearby Food Mart.

The white children, all under age 12, were in terror. The African teens were elsewhere laughing, looking for the next white person to attack.

One child has had nightmares since the weekend attack. She need counseling.

Loeffler's bloodied face required stitches.

Somewhere there are fifty to 100 teens going about their lives of violence while warehoused in government schools where they can terrorize white classmates beyond the prying eyes of authorities, and with impunity. Eric Holder has told the nation's school districts that they may not discipline black students more aggressively than their well-behaved white victims.

And somewhere south of Louisville is an airport where government authorities are on the lookout for terrorists as they scrutinize little old ladies and toddlers for weapons of mass destruction.

• One of many

This was just one of seventeen such attacks over the weekend in Louisville.

A 61-year-old man walking in the park with his wife and grandchildren was attacked; probably by the same Africans. The police came, the mob scattered, but not far. The cops refused to serve and protect the woman and her children as they walked to their vehicle but rather, were forced to walk amid the smirking, jeering black faces, laughing at the pain and suffering of an elderly white woman and her small grandchildren.

Were such an attack ever reversed -- white teens attacking innocent blacks -- it would be headline news for months and the topic of talking heads on cable channels for decades.

• Who cares?!

But this is black on white violence. It doesn't fit the cultural Marxist narrative that whites are the oppressing and privilege nobility who victimize the suffering masses of the black proletariat. And so the national media pays little mind.

Apologists for black rascality shrug it off.

It's what we get for being white. Just another form of social justice. We are the victimizers, not the victims. The African mobs, they say, are acting out the frustration of economic disparity and depravity.

We are the privileged nobility who oppress the proletariat. Never mind that our innovation has enhanced the lives of every human on the planet. Never mind that these impoverished teens enjoy a living standard not known to the wealthiest of human a few decades ago.

There is hell to pay, the leftists believe, and smirk in silence as watch from afar in their suburban whitopian homes.

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WDRB 41 Louisville News


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  1. "Ron Carter, got out of the car to see what was going on; have a little talk with these rascals."

    Did he think that he could reason with them? The silliness of naive whites brainwashed by liberalism knows no bounds. I bet that next time he will simply step on the gas and plow through the mob.

  2. it's always teen's it's negroes .