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March 15, 2014

I call them 'badge bullies.'

They are like the playground bullies we we all knew in elementary school, only their childish brains are encased in adult-sized heads attached to full-grown bodies.

Her crime?

Ginger Anderson, 48, made a small correction on a wall map at the University where she worked.

Two days later someone called the cops. They showed up, cuffed the woman, slammed her against the wall, and threw her to the ground.

We don't know who sicced the police on this person. What we do know is that police have better things to do -- bigger fish to fry -- than attacking middle-aged women.

Note that the cop first asked the woman if she made a change to the map.

"Did you make a little adjustment to the sign out there in the hallway?" he asks.

The question is a bait. He wants to hear her confess to the 'crime.'

The ploy works.

The woman explains it was a minor but necessary change. The cop doesn't care. Again, all he wants to hear is her admission to the 'crime.'

The  moral of this story is that you must be guarded when talking to police without your lawyer present.

Police are seldom your friends. Your lawyer is your friend.

There are two scenarios when we may be encountered by police: The first is when we request police response and the second is when we do not request police response.

Personally, I am suspect when police encounter me when I didn't ask for their assistance. If I didn't request police intervention they are usually representing the government. That is, if I call the cops and they show up, they are usually on my side. If I didn't request police intervention they are usually representing the government. There are, of course, exceptions to both.

Keep in mind that police exist to enforce government laws, hence the term law enforcement officer (LEO).

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