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March 17, 2014

Irish and ______________.
(Fill in the blank.)

It seems the planners of the St. Patrick's Day parades in Boston and New York City have not fully embraced the concept of diversity and inclusion.

Don't they know this is 2014!?

While we ignore the fact that diversity and inclusion are antonymous, let's revisit the site of my first debate with a liberal: the high school cafeteria.

At issue was the Viet Nam war. I made my case.

My friend countered, "But don't you know what year it is?! It's [expletive] 1969!"

He was, of course, correct. It was 1969. What the date had to do with the Viet Nam conflict was not apparent.

I've noticed over the years liberals are constantly reminding us what year it is, as if that has anything to do with the core issues.

The argument emerged again in the first sentence of an article lambasting the Catholics who excluded gays from St. Patrick's Day parades in Boston and New York City.

"It’s obscene, in 2014, that gay groups are forbidden from marching in St. Patrick’s Day parades...," wrote Michael Tomasky in The Daily Beast.

Now that we have the date settled, let's discuss something more substantial.

Leftists are forever harping on the diversity issue. They applaud multiculturalism and banter about inclusion until the word is forever creased into our gray matter.

Let's test the mettle of their argument with or without stating the date.

Let's show up at the Boston and New York City St. Patrick's Day parades with a marching band dressed in Confederate Army uniforms. The band will play Dixie for the tenure of the event.

Liberals do embrace multiculturalism. Surely they will not object to Southern culture.

Behind the marching band will be a float celebrating "African-Americans" with Irish ancestry. (Think Muhammad Ali.) Because no black folks will participate we're forced to use white folks in black face waving to the green-clad crowds that line the parade route.

Then, just to prove the strength of diversity, we'll add a few dozen marching klansters outfitted in green sheets and hoods.

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