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March 21, 2014

Getting a gun license in New York City is next to impossible.

That didn't stop street thug Kahton Anderson, 14, from shooting a white married man and father of two in the back of the head as the man sat on a city bus in Brooklyn.

The shooting underscored...

• Cultural diversity.

Kahton Anderson and his victim, Angel Rojas, 39, are culturally diverse.

Kahton appears to be black while Rojas appears to be a white Hispanic. Kahton appears to have no family discipline while Rojas is a stable family man. Kahton looks the quintessential black street thug while his victim is the average American Joe who works hard for a living to take care of his family.

For Angel Rojas, whose family immigrated from the Dominican Republic in 2010, diversity was no strength.

• Media bias.

The media referred to the fate of Rojas as being in 'the wrong place at the wrong time.' It's a classical excuse the media give for black-on-white violence. Had the shooting been reversed the media spin would have been played the racial aspect. We will likely never know for certain because fourteen-year-old white kids don't shoot hardworking, black family men on city buses.

In the spirit of fairness and balanced reporting, we encourage readers to notify us of any instance in the past when a 14-year-old white boy shot a black family man in the back of the head as he sat on a city bus anywhere in the nation.

• Hypocrisy.

Somewhere in the nation's capitol there is a monument to Rosa Parks. Parks, you'll recall, suffered great indignity when a white bus driver demanded she surrender her seat to a white guy.

Parks' audacity represented something larger. He stand (or 'sit') is heralded as the start point of a civil rights movement that liberated African Americans from repressive Jim Crow laws or, more accurately, it began the war against Western culture that is destroying our civilization and will culminate in a new Dark Ages from which we will never recover.

Will the death of Rojas be the spark that reverses the Marxist trend in America as white people realize that the destruction of their culture is not anti-racist but, rather, actually hurts non-whites? Will there someday be a massive statue in the Capitol Rotunda to commemorate Mr. Rojas?

Which is the greater racist indignity? Being asked to surrender your seat by a bus driver? Or being shot dead by the street thug?

Source ►

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  1. Men of strength and courage believe Liberation=Self-annihilation, Freedom=Sacrifice. Liberals believe Liberation=Freedom, Sacrifice=Oppression.

  2. There is no Dominican who would identify himself as "white Hispanic". That is number one. Number two is that this was not black on white violence. In fact it was black on black violence and one of the bullets happened to hit an innocent bystander....

    1. Did you not notice the phrase, "appears to be" preceding White Hispanic?

      When the media fails to specify the race of the criminals and their victims, we consider what information is available and utilize disclaimer phraseology such as "appears to be."

      The angle of this commentary is intended to emphasize the ongoing media blight of casting black-on-white murders as merely the 'wrong place at the wrong time' or, as you say, 'innocent bystanders,' thereby consigning their murders to nothing more than fate.

      For another example, please see Student killed in random drive-by shooting

  3. who is the idiot that wrote this article. The man is Dominican and why must your title need to emphasize on "multicultural". Get your facts in order before you write and publish an article.

    1. The use of the word 'multicultural' in the title is the application of satirical -- if not sardonic -- sarcasm meant to jab the cultural Marxists who would destroy Western culture through Balkanization. Diversity is no strength and multiculturalism is no moral virtue when they overwhelm the innovative class that feeds them.

      The article was written for the consumption of readers with above average IQs who appreciate such occasional sardonic jilts. Most are smart enough to 'get it' without it having to be explained to them. The less fortunate among us are compelled to leave comments revealing their lack of comprehensive abilities.

  4. If you had conducted even a modicum of an investigation instead of being a shrill racist, you would have discovered that Mr. Rojas' son is hardly white, therefore Mr. Rojas could not have been white.

    You ignorant POS.

    1. The source article include a photo of Rojas' wife and son. Source links are typically included with our articles for such reasons; if the reader cares to learn more, the information is readily available. Most readers understand this is not intended to be comprehensive diatribe, but a commentary.

  5. Catan Anderson is it a thug He's Actually A Respectful Boy Taking it Form Somebody That Knows Him, Kahton Never Intended To Shoot Mr Rojas He Was At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time, And Kahton Does Have Family Discipline His Mother Took Care Of Him Don't Sit At Your Computer And Try To Switch The Story Up To make It Seen Like A Black Teen Killed A Family Man That's Not The Case , Kahton Anderson Is t A Thug Either He Hung Out With The Wrong Group Of People, Yes He Is Wrong and Stupid For Shooting At Anybody But Before You Make An Article Get Your Facts Straight ,And For Your Information Kahton Was A Smart Kid In School

    1. That's the point.

      Black thugs are routinely portrayed by the media as being Prometheus Society members and Emily Post aficionados who inadvertently kill people while under a temporary hypnotic spell of street urchins.

    2. HOW DO YOU KNOW. HAVE YOU EVER MET HIM. ALL YOU DO IS WRITE ARTICLES ABOUT HOW BLACKS KILL DIFFERENT PEOPLE. WHY? Why do you do this. Don't you consider the people being hurt with your garbage. I will not stop for this. What happened if you were in his place. I knew kahton and I know for a fact that he would never do this. Just please, look into the story more before you post an article because you will hurt the people around you if you don't

    3. I understand people like Angel Rojas and his family are being hurt by thugs like Kahton Anderson and the biased media that coddle them.

  6. wow the person who wrote this is a ignorant racist fool. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!! did you not pay attention to the media Angel Rojas was an Hispanic male NOT white dumbass and he wasn't the intended target it wasn't about race or culture it was an unfortunate tragedy over GANG RIVALRY. the kid is going to be tried as an adult for second degree murder so by no means is this undignified. YOU RACIST ASS PRICK.