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March 24, 2014

69-year-old Thomas Karl Sonnenberg was shot dead after opening his door to the victim of a black mob attack.

Devon Parker, 20, pounded on Sonnenberg's door minutes before midnight claiming he was being attacked.

The white and altruistic 69-year-old opened the door allowing Parker into his Kitchen.

While Sonnenberg was dialing 911, Parker snatched the gun from the older man's holster and shot him. The killer had apparently lied about being pursued by thugs.

About five minutes after the call, police knocked on Sonnenberg's door, then looked through a window after getting no response. The officer saw the elderly victim slumped over a chair, and tried to kick in the door.

A woman came to the door but said she could not open it. Noticing the black man's hand on her shoulder, the officer pulled his service revolver and demanded Parker open the door. He complied and was subsequently arrested.

The officer found Sonnenberg dead with a single bullet wound in his forehead.

The woman, Sonnenberg's wife, had been assaulted.

The victim's two grief-stricken daughters said they had encouraged their parents to relocate, due to the violence that was common in their neighborhood.

When told his grandfather was dead, Sonnenberg's 8-year-old grandson replied, "Somebody shot him, didn't they?"

The murder occurred in Minneapolis January 28, 2014 according to news reports.

• A call to race realism

White people are laden with white guilt, due largely to Hollywood myth-making, and convinced their worrisome concerns regarding black violence are over-blown to phobic proportions. In reality, the overwhelming majority of white Americans can be observed with an incredible lack of comprehension regarding the extremities of black criminal violence.

Hollywood lies. A white person dies.

Elderly white males are often stereotyped by cultural Marxists as being racial bigots who are out of touch with the times and, as Oprah Winfrey quipped on a BBC TV interview, "just have to die."

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  1. Was there even a mob? I think it was a trick to get him to open the door.

  2. How many good white folk need to die before you all wake up to the lies and deceptions of the system in which you exist?

    The "news"? ALL LIES.
    Hollywood? ALL LIES.
    The Government? ALL LIES.

    And the people behind these entities? You damned well better learn who they are. Because they ARE NOT the ones presented to you by the above-mentioned syndicates.


    Don't believe me? Look at South Africa.
    THAT is America's future if you don't wake up.