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March 22, 2014

Our blog will cross a major milestone within the next few hours: 1 MILLION PAGEVIEWS on the blog side of our web site.

In the past six  months we have seen much of our web traffic move from our web site page,, to our blog, as many of our readers prefer to bypass the main page and access the blog directly.

All our visits are organic.

Some web sites purchase fake visitors and pass them off as real readers. We do not do that.

Other sites purchase Alexa visitors to boost their status on, then (falsely) boast of their accomplishments. They publicize their Alexa rating with other sites but fail to tell readers that their site's ranking is not organic.

(Nor do we purchase Facebook likes to falsify our primary Facebook page.)

The focus of is news of interest to conservatives and libertarians with emphasis on paleoconservatism and black-on-white crime, a phenomenon largely ignored by the mainstream Marxist media. Consequently the site is ofttimes misunderstood as being 'racist.' It is not.

We wish to thank of our viewers for supporting us and helping the continued growth of


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  1. What is the best way to contact you? Your database of racial attacks is missing some entries. I would be glad to submit links to you if I knew where to send them.

    1. Post the links as comments on any post. (If you preceded with a note such as "not for publication" we'll know not to post the comment.)